Dutching em “0 – 0”, “0 – 1” and “0 – 1” no 1o Tempo Placar (Half Time Score), poi BACK em Mais de 2.5 se as três primeiras apostas forem perdidas

I have come across an illustrative trigger request, and I am going to lay it down in front of you step by step, so you get a chance to learn to design triggers.


Back on “0 – 0”, “0 – 1” and “1 – 0” in Half Time Score, with an aim to trade out with a 10% profit before the first goal is scored. If all three bets are lost and we could not green them up, back on Over 2.5 in Under/Over 2.5 goals to compensate the loss.

If you are immediately puzzled as to how to approach this problem, don’t worry, let’s break it down into simple tasks.

Dutching on three selections, “0 – 0”, “0 – 1” and “1 – 0”.

It’s straightforward: you pick the trigger action Dutching Back and add two conditions:

In what cases will these bets win? Apparently, if the teams do not score more than 1 goal in the first half.

Greening up

For some peace of mind, you can trade out before one of the teams scores and thus exit this match.

To do the trade-out, create a trigger with an action “trade out” and a standard P/L ratio of 50%. In the trigger conditions, specify:

Let’s look closer at the last condition.

MF Pro has an internal market variable market_tradeout. It holds the amount you will win or lose if you trade out all your bets in this market right away – both back and lay bets. This variable is invaluable when you need to catch an opportunity to close all your open positions. After all, some bets may trade out to a loss, while others to profit, and with this variable you will always know how much you will get as a total.

Stop refreshing the second market after a profit

If greening up kicks in or Half Time Score settle with a profit, we no longer care about the second market. It makes sense to delete it or at least stop refreshing it to reduce the traffic you are pulling from BetFair (they don’t like you refreshing markets and not placing bets).

Backing on Over 2.5

If the first batch of bets ends up with a loss, we will have to back Over 2.5 in the Under/Over 2.5 goals market.

Note: if the teams score more than 2 goals in the first half, we won’t be able to place bets in the Under/Over 2.5 goals market, as it will be automatically settled and closed.

To that end, create a trigger that places a back bet on the following conditions:

The trigger must back an exact amount to cover the loss. The loss, as we remember, will be equal to liab_size – that’s the liability size we have defined for Dutching bets in the constants. Therefore, you will need to bet liab_size/(back_price - 1), as the profit from a back bet is equal to the bet size multiplied by its (price - 1). Throw in the exchange commission, and you will get: liab_size/((back_price-1)*(1-commission)).

Here is an example of a match where the Dutching bets lost, yet the subsequent back bet on Over 2.5 won:


Download the trigger installation file.

Profile name: dutching-half-time-score-back-over25

Como executar este pacote de gatilho:

1. Faça o download e execute o arquivo de instalação acima.

2. Ele contém três arquivos: o arquivo de gatilho, o modelo de pesquisa do Market Locator e as configurações do programa. Esses arquivos serão copiados para as pastas correspondentes no seu computador (onde outros gatilhos e modelos já estão armazenados).

3. Execute o MarketFeeder Pro e escolha o perfil de configurações correto na lista suspensa:

Here are the constants you can adjust:

liab_size Dutching liability size
green_prc Green-up profit percentage

By the way, here is a list of historical football markets in which Dutching bets will lose and the triggers will have to place a back bet on Over 2.5:

Half Time Score + Under/Over 2.5 goals markets

You can load this list into Time Machine and play with the triggers offline.

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